I’ve been in an energetic funk the past couple of weeks – do YOU have the energy FUNK? Let’s talk about how to avoid, and recover from ‘The Energy Funk’.

The funk I’m talking about isn’t the good kind of funk – like groovy tunes or something cool.

I mean the funk that:

  • Makes your brain ache when you try to think
  • Technology explodes and fizzles out when you try to touch it
  • Or maybe you just flat out feel like you could sleep for a week and not regret a single second of it.

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I have had the honour and privilege to work with some amazing women the past few months. In doing so I have experienced an awakening to many gifts I wasn’t aware that I had been using all of these years.

Though these relationships I’ve begun to realize that I am a clear receiver or what you would call psychic. Try explaining to somebody that you are clairvoyant but that you can’t ‘see’ things.

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Tarot cards got you spooked? I’ll be honest, when I was growing up there wasn’t much that frightened me more than the supernatural. Watching movies with mediums performing seances or looking deeply into crystal balls as they pulled the death card always had me jumping from my bed to make a bathroom run in the dark of night.

I was always drawn to tarot cards though, despite every creepy movie scene I watched in childhood.

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Let’s talk about Custom Malas and Prayer Shawls – What are they? How are they created? And WHY do you want one in your life?

So WHAT are they?

Mala Prayer BeadsMala shawl sales page (2)

  • A tool used in prayer, yoga and meditation to increase focus and attention
  • Jewelry that can enhance peace in your life as well as adding beauty to your appearance
  • An easy addition to your daily spiritual practice


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Recently I’ve been asked for help shielding and avoiding negativity. This subject comes up a lot especially during major energy shifts in the planets or moon phases. I don’t want to help you shield and avoid though; I want to teach you how to BUST that negativity up into tiny pieces and send it packing in the wind! In this post I’m laying out for you my most powerful and easy to use tools that I like to call “Negativity Busters”

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Welcome Friends,

This is my first post here and I think it makes sense to discuss the meaning of the word “Skeptic” since it directly relates to everything you will find within this blog.

The word “skeptic” can have many meanings to many people. You can find an actual definition here. The word is often mixed up with atheist which means that there is a complete lack of belief in the existence of a supreme being (GOD).

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