Custom Mala Bead Jewelry & Crocheted Prayer Shawls

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Custom Mala Creation

Mala beads are a tool that have been used in Buddhism and Hinduism spiritual practices for thousands of years. These beautiful adornments can be used in prayer, meditation or simply worn as a lovely piece of intentional jewelry. The beads are intended to keep the count of breaths, or mantras recited and give a strange calm to the wearer who simply lets them flow through your fingertips.

My handmade Custom Mala Necklaces are made with 108 semi precious healing stones & a larger Guru bead chosen based on your specific intentions and energetic needs. Each necklace is hand knotted between each bead as a special mantra, chosen specifically for you, is spoken to infuse the piece with that energy as it is created. I also create your Mala with love, intention, peace and healing energy so that it comes to you fully charged and ready to go. Your Mala can be made with an optional tassel if you wish.

Whether you choose to use your Custom Mala Creation in a daily spiritual practice, or as a beautiful piece of jewelry, I know that you will not regret bringing it’s energetic healing beauty into your life. Book your FREE consultation now!

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"For many months, I had been longing for a deeper peace and connection within my meditation practice. As an entrepreneur and mom of two young children, the years have taught me that a daily practice is key to my happiness, health and success.

After visiting I reached out to Shelly Petersen, owner and principal designer, to create a mala for me... and she did not disappoint.

Shelly’s process from the very beginning made me feel understood and cherished. She asked questions that reflected a vast knowledge of design and precious stones. I appreciate how she not only listened to my needs and preferences as she masterfully designed my mala, but she encouraged me to contribute my ideas to her process. Ultimately, she created a mala that exceeded my expectations which has now has brought peace, joy and beauty into both my meditation practice and my life.
The service she provides, along with the quality of her craftsmanship, went above and beyond my expectations. I know I will be ordering more pieces from her in the years to come."

Lisa van Reeuwyk - Founder and Coach, Bloom Business Development

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"I can’t tell you how amazing my Mala is. I am in awe. I knew it would be beautiful and powerful but I never expected the wondrousness I’m getting with it. I have been wearing it daily, holding onto it intuitively and I have to say, out of all the things I have ever had created for me, this is the most magical, amazing piece. I can’t explain the gratitude I have for this. Thank you for this beautiful gift."

Amanda Dyer - Lead Goddess at Your Goddess Connection

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Handmade Crochet Prayer Shawls

Crochet is a skill very dear to my heart, having been taught at a young age by my Great Granny (she’s still kicking it at 101!), I still hold fond memories of working the craft with her. I allowed the skill to lay dormant for many years but re-taught myself about 5 years ago now. I absolutely love the peaceful vibration of energy I feel when working on a crochet project. Each stitch is a tiny miracle creating the whole piece much like we are each a tiny miracle in the grand scope of the universe.

As I work each stitch I am infusing love and intention into the piece so that when it arrives at your door and you put it on, it is like I am giving you a big hug. It is your choice if you’d like to have an intricate pattern for a more delicate design, or a more functional solid pattern to be worn on cold nights by the fire, or from a porch on a rainy day.

Each shawl takes a great deal of time to work up so as to ensure the accuracy of the stitches so I will only be accepting a limited number of custom shawl orders per year. Contact me as soon as possible to schedule your Custom Prayer Shawl creation.

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