Your Psychic 12 Month Forecast


A layout that provides a full year forecast with guidance to keep you on track to reaching your goals.



Who doesn’t love beginning the new year with a plan? I’m not talking about those resolutions people set and break within the first two weeks. I’m talking about a solid map to keep you on track so you can achieve your goals for REAL.

The 12 month forecast layout is really a great tool for mapping out exactly where your goals are, what obstacles you might face and how to stay on course to keep you out of the weeds and on the road to success.

What you’ll receive:

~ 12 tarot cards reflecting the next 12 months, there’s plenty of insight and information to get you on your way.

~ 12 energy oracle cards for each month to give context and depth to your reading

~ A PDF document that you can read online or print out that fully details your entire reading – one client of mine actually uses hers on her vision board as a map for her year.

~ A video recording so you can visually see your cards and get an overall message from me about your year.

We will set an intention for your year by pulling a mantra card, something you can fall back on when you can’t see past the distractions. Life is full of distractions, and obstacles, but when you have a solid plan you can turn these things into lessons and move on from them without great difficulty. It’s really so easy when you are able to keep your eye on the prize.

A BONUS “I AM” will give you a short strength boost to your inner dialogue and keep you going strong in the hard moments. The words “I am” are the most powerful words in our language. The word you choose to follow them could change your life.

I can’t wait to work with you and your angels and guides to get you following your guidance and knowing where you’re going. Feeling lost is terrible and lonely, but with this reading you will feel as though you are working with a team who has your back at all times.


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