The Skeptic’s Triad Reading




The number 3 and the triangle have long been symbols of power throughout history and many religions. I recently stumbled upon this layout which includes 6 cards from 3 different decks and it’s so incredibly powerful I had to try it out several times with an array of different decks just to be sure it wasn’t an accident.

This layout is incredible. The first 3 cards are chosen from the main deck of tarot and provide the basis for the reading. The next two cards are pulled from a secondary oracle deck which both confirms and elaborates on the original 3 cards. The last card is from an affirmation or answer oracle deck and it ties up the reading in a nice little package with an acknowledgement of the overall theme and insight provided.

I’m so thrilled to be able to offer such a powerful reading via video – either live or emailed.

The decks used in each reading will be chosen intuitively based on YOUR individual energetic vibration and may not reflect the ones in the image.


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