Work with Me

If you’re craving a deeper sense of connection, meaning, and peace throughout all of your life, you are not alone and you are in exactly the right place.

Welcome, my Gorgeous Soul Friend!  I’m Shelly Petersen, the spiritual skeptic, and I am honored that you are here.

Here at Spiritual Skeptic, I help loving souls (like you), develop personalized spiritual practices that align with their inner guidance, in order to consciously create lives of connection, meaning, and abundant peace.

The truth is, the answers, wisdom, and guidance you’ve been seeking, are already waiting within.

To start moving forward, to start living a life of wonder and joy, you’ll need to listen to the wisdom of your soul.

You see, your soul is always speaking to you, always guiding you towards your highest good.

The trouble is, many of us struggle to understand the language of our soul.

This is your journey, but you never need to walk alone.

If you’d like personal support on your journey of self-discovery or in designing a spiritual practice that honors all of who you are, I invite you to explore my Intuitive Card Readings or Custom Creations, to learn more about how I can support you.

You’ve come to this place, at this point in time, for a reason.

Right now, I invite you to take a deep breath and imagine what it would feel like to:

  •       have a daily spiritual practice that works for you and your schedule.
  •       see your worth, cherish your true spirit self, and embrace the spark of divine light within you that makes you who you are.
  •       hear the voice of the divine and learn how to access it yourself, so you are empowered to hear it whenever you need to.
  •       connect to your true divine purpose, the one you chose before coming here.
  •       move beyond fear, take action on your inspired goals, and start living the life you intended.

If you’re ready to make your life better in every imaginable way, I can help you.

I have so much faith in you, Dear One.  I know you can make the changes you’re longing for in your life.  I know you are capable and strong, and that you have the power within you to choose a different path.  A path that is easy and peaceful.  A path full of love, joy, gratitude, and wonder for the world we live in.

If you’re ready to listen to the wisdom of your soul in order to experience the deeper sense of connection, meaning, and peace you’ve been longing for, I invite you to take the next step and learn how I can help you today.

I am here for you, my friend, and I can’t wait to meet you and begin supporting you on your journey.

Love to you,